Switch Datacenters Amsterdam 6 (AMS6) is a 25.000m2 ultra sustainable Data center, with 45MW/60MVA power in the Schiphol data center cluster. AMS6 will deliver green heat to greenhouses.

Under Development

AMS6 site

The site is currently being retrofitted from a 25.000m2 logistics hall into a high end , AI/HPC ready data center.

The heat from the servers of our customers will be recaptured and delivered to the nearby greenhouses to facilitate the greenhouse industry to stop using fossil generator sets to grow crops/plants/flowers and as such contribute to a greener and CO2 free metropolitan region of Amsterdam.

The site is being developed for hybrid cooling technologies in order to facilitate the most modern high end servers of our customers and is perfect for high rack density customers. Together with the global leader in next-gen cooling technology, CoolIT from Canada, Switch is currently setting up a real life demo in AMS6 to show how our 2nd Generation data centers can become fossil free heat plants for surrounding heat networks, greenhouses etc.

Our low carbon footprint will outperform all surrounding data centers in the Schiphol vicinity and will be a blueprint for next-gen data center design and aimed to support large customers who want to have minimal impactt on their CO2 footprint in data centers, while being at one of the best connected data center clusters in Europe.

Current high level design specs

AMS6 Specifications

coming soon..

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