As a sustainable datacenter innovator, we look for companies and initiatives that also have the sustainable goal in mind. Through memberships we seek collaboration with these companies and initiatives to make the world more sustainable.

What we do

Wholesale Datacenter

We build, design and run our reliable and sustainable datacenters in the Amsterdam market.

Our modern datacenters are all well connected within ultra low latency (<1 millisecond) of the main internet exchanges/ramps.

We welcome customers with the need for private suites (from 0,1MW-50 MW IT) and indefinite growth potential due to our modular build principles.

We prefer to stick to offering DC services at level zero and be fully carrier neutral, giving you maximal freedom of choice.

We incentify customers who contribute to jointly do heat recapture on their IT infrastructure.

We stimulate new high density cooling solutions (DLC, Immersed, etc) for HPC / AI etc.

Customer centric customization, full reliability and flexibility is in our DNA.

white-label our datacenters

Customized Dedicated Datacenter

We build, design and operate single tenant datacenters á la carte.

If you prefer to run your own brand/site, we can white-label our datacenters and run on SLA.

We continuously develop multiple new DC plots including permits, power under development that might fit your specific needs now or in the future from mid sized (>10MW) to larger and extra large.