Our clients can be found in various fields; from retail to government. With our expertise in building sustainable datacenters, our clients have experienced how we take care of their location and fulfil their expectations.

From hosting to high-end enterprise / finance / media


Switch Datacenters was started by hosters. So it is no coincidence that the initial customers were many global and regional hosting companies.
Over the years Switch Datacenters upgraded their facilities consistently to the highest levels of safety and reliability. New demanding corporate organisations like banks, insurance companies, media companies and large enterprises were added as customers. By taking over the Dutch datacenter from IBM in the Netherlands in a sale/leaseback deal, Switch Datacenters was able to grow and attract an impressive set of leading corporate brands to its retail portfolio.

From leasing out suites to dedicated single, global tenant DC


Switch Datacenters 8MW AMS3 in Amsterdam South East business district was our first custom built datacenter for a single global wholesale customer. This fueled a new strategic focus on serving large wholesale tenants that want customized solutions, full flexibility and the most sustainable reliable sites. Of course for a wholesale tariff at the best locations in Amsterdam. Ran and serviced by Switch Datacenters on SLA.

From developing sites to realizing strategic growth for future DC

Wholesale development

In 2019, Switch Datacenters sold its AMS1 datacenter in Amsterdam South East to competitor Equinix. This deal enabled Switch Datacenters to fuel up its strategic growth plans in Amsterdam.

Currently, Switch Datacenters holds and develops a large portfolio of new potential datacenter projects in the Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam (MRA). We are building the largest AMS4 datacenter at Science Park South and will develop multiple new sites in the Amsterdam region in the near future.

100% carrier neutral with full low latency connectivity options to a.o. IX’s/Cloud

Carriers / hubs / ramps

Due to the strategic locations of the Switch Datacenters in the Amsterdam region, many leading carriers already have installed their PoPs in the datacenters. New PoPs are added to our portfolio continuously. Unlike many of our competitors, we stay a true believer in carrier neutral datacenters, allowing our customers optimal freedom of choice, instead of upselling on connectivity and creating expensive customer lock-in.