Switch Datacenters Amsterdam 4 (AMS4) is the new premium datacenter in Amsterdam Science Park South area

Introducing our premium AMS4 datacenter

AMS4 site

Our new 7-14MW IT AMS4 datacenter is located right in the AAA sweet spot. Two miles from Science Park/AMS-IX and three miles from South-East, the highest concentrated fiber and datacenter area in the Netherlands (highlighted area).

The AMS4 site is, just like AMS3, a fully owned free standing building that is being retrofitted into a premium state-of-the-art city datacenter.

Ready for service date

Current high level design specs

AMS4 Specifications

Design up to 14MW IT load

The facility is designed with the following modern power technologies to meet the highest datacenter requirements:

All major global carriers are on-route or in the immediate vicinity. The datacenter will be connected on the Amsterdam fiber routes in order to interconnect easily and cost efficiently with any datacenter or (cloud)network and minimal latency.

Switch Datacenters

AMS4 planned certifications

Current high level design specs assumptions:

Total Surface7,400 m²
 White space4,400 m²
Year acquired
Load, design up to
0 MW
Total Surface
Incoming grid capacity

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AMS4 Brochure