Switch Datacenters Amsterdam 2 (AMS2) is a premium co-location datacenter located in the municipality of Woerden

Introducing our AMS2 datacenter

AMS2 site

Switch Datacenters Amsterdam 2 (AMS2) is a premium colocation datacenter located in the municipality of Woerden. Close to Amsterdam South East, one of the largest connectivity hubs in Europe (less than 1ms latency). AMS2 is a network neutral datacenter which houses multiple international reputable institutions and enterprises as customers.

The datacenter was originally designed as a highly secure datacenter and disaster recovery center for a bank, strategically located in a low-risk area. The building was acquired by Switch Datacenters in 2014 as part of a sale and leaseback agreement with IBM. It has been retrofitted into a Tier 3 multi-tenant colocation datacenter with an efficient indirect adiabatic cooling infrastructure, very low PuE of 1.1, 2N redundant power infrastructure and other datacenter facilities.

The building consists of two parts; the datacenter on the first floor and the resiliency services / disaster recovery office spaces to accommodate 240 workstations on the ground floor.

The ground floor can easily be rebuilt into a dedicated customer POD area and/or immersion or DLC cooling floor.

Heat recovery leads to lower power bill for ours customers

Switch AMS2 has closed a contract with the neighboring business building (a.o. a hospital for brain damage) to deliver heat. We invite our customers to participate in a ‘recapturing of server heat’ program. In return for installing e.g. DLC servers or immersed cooling, which allows us to tap off server heat at high temperatures, our customers will receive a discount on their power bill as well as comarketing and CSR support.

Low Latency to Amsterdam & Randstad

Latency to the Amsterdam city ring and surrounding cities Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht is minimal, less than a millisecond. Most large carriers are connected to the site with a wide range of dark fiber, managed fiber, Ams-IX direct and ethernet transport services possibilities. The site has multiple carriers on-site, being located at the crossroads of many Dutch central fiber routes connecting the (inter)national major cities.

Ideal location for wholesale 2nd site /suite in Amsterdam

The site is ideally suitable as both a Amsterdam hub as well as a second site for large companies having an installed base in Amsterdam but for security and resilience reasons are looking for a second site within a millisecond latency. At a <30 kilometer/ 17 miles physical distance from e.g. Equinix AM5, and being on a stable and different power grid provider than Amsterdam, this location provides just that.

We offer full flexibility in regard to customization wishes. There’s also an option for secure office locations/desks.

AMS2 datacenter at Polanerbaan 1, Woerden

Premium co-location datacenter

AMS2 Specifications


Datacenter total size5.500 m²
Raised floor Phase 11.370 m²
Optional Raised floor Phase 22.000 m²
Floor capacity1.000 kg/m²
Height of room3.6 m
Raised flooryes
IT power capacity1kW to 50kW per rack
Cooling capacity10kW per rack with standard air cooling,
50kW+ per rack with Direct Liquid Cooling (DCL)

Safety & security

AccessElectronic badge reader and access systems
CamerasCCTV with 100+ high-res IP cameras
Alarm systemsClass 4 alarm system


Redundancy level2N redundancy on each component
DistributionSchneider Electric busbars (2N)

Water and fire protection

DetectionVery early smoke detector alarm (VESDA)
Fire extinguisher systemGas based for datahall and technical rooms
Fire compartmentationFireproof walls F60
Water detectionWater sensors on all critical positions


Cooling typeIndirect Adiabatic Cooling
Redundancy levelN+2
Room temperature23 – 26°C
Average room humidity50%
Cooling pPUE1,07

High End Office Space on the ground floor

Parking facilities

Process certification


Year acquired
IT power capacity
up to 0 kW
Datacenter total size
Alarm system class