Switch Datacenters Amsterdam 5 (AMS5) will be a game changing next generation 70 - 150 MW city data center around 5 kilometer from NIKHEF/ AMS-IX

Under Development

AMS5 site

This site will be customer purpose designed and will be amongst the greenest as well as most high density sites in Europe, enabling us to recapture maximum heat which will be directly used for the largest district heating network in Amsterdam, allowing the datacenter to become a natural part of heat production ecosystem and serving the national Dutch utility policy to be less depending on natural gas and be more sustainable at the same time. We believe our datacenters are an integral part of heat production and do fully contribute to national policy priorities set by the Dutch and local governments.

By being local and understanding the local policies and requirements we have been able to develop this unique, game changing and sustainable site.

Current high level design specs

AMS5 Specifications

coming soon..

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Load, design up to
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