Why Amsterdam

Amsterdam has been the home of global trade for many centuries. Canals were replaced by dense fiber networks, Warehouses were replaced by datacenters and market places were replaced by Internet Exchanges and cloud ramps.

In the 16th century Amsterdam was the main storage and trading city for scarce goods from all over the world. The city canals functioned as the physical connectivity between the quays,  marketplaces and storage facilities. Currently Amsterdam still holds the same function as a global trading hub.

Data is the product of this age and trading is done by interconnection. Omnipresent fibers are the new canals and datacenters are the new storage facilities of the age. The Amsterdam internet exchanges created a vibrant data eco-system and as such Amsterdam is the number 3 datacenter market in Europe. Amsterdam remains an important global trading hub, this time for interconnection markets in the world.

The city of Amsterdam has always been innovative and progressive; freedom, a stable political climate, a talent pool of global skills and open minded people used to be the drivers of growth. Today the same values drive Amsterdam forward as a mainport in the European Union, with an increased focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility. At Switch Datacenters we embrace these values and as a local we understand the global demand plus the local why and how. As such we create datacenter solutions for our customers that bring clear value for our customers as well as for the local eco-systems.

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Being local, thinking global.