Webinar: “Data Center Liquid Cooling: So Many Options, But What’s Right for Me?”

We were invited to share our knowledge about Next Generation Datacenter Cooling. 

Edgar van Essen had a very insightful discussion with 3 other leading innovative tech companies about why the global datacenter industry has to get ready for a perfect storm in datacenter cooling and chip design, leading to more sustainable datacenters and IT server design.


  • The many use cases for liquid cooling
  • How different liquid cooling methods are deployed in the data center
  • Types of fluid they use
  • How they reject heat
  • Maintenance and operations considerations
  • How to choose the solution that’s right for you


  • Joe Capes, CEO & Co-founder at LiquidStack
  • David Craig, CEO at Iceotope
  • Paul Artman, Technical Director, System Design Engineer at AMD
  • Edgar van Essen, Managing Director at Switch Data Centers