Total floor area: 24.220 m2 building area
8.350 m2 white space
Maximum floor load: 1.000-1.500 kg/m2
Type of construction: Steel construction with concrete
Double exterior walls
Box-in-Box datacenter
Fire protection: 120 min fire resistant walls
Vesda with CO2 extinguishing
Perimeter fence: 250 cm high (front and back)
Area: Amsterdam South East, business district
Accessibility: Schiphol Airport: 18 km
Amsterdam Arena station: 1 km
A9 highway: 400 m


Parking: Secured parking spaces
Lift: Persons / hoist up to 1500 kg / OCP ready
Loading/unloading area: Yes, including overhead door
Preparation room: 1 (equipment preparation)
Meet-Me-Rooms: 2 (no active equipment is installed here)
Carrier neutral: Yes (ask for the carriers present)
Fiber: 460 x dark fiber (ask for the suppliers present)
Lounge area: Comfortable lounge with internet access and cafeteria


Security personnel: 24x7
Access layers: 5 layer security principle
Security system: Closed circuit camera system in and around the datacenter
Alarm Detection zones
Access list in combination with best practice access procedure
Security Room: Secured control room


Power capacity: 10 MVA 2N 
Power facilities: 2N transformers (N+100%)
2N Master Distribution Boards (N+100%)
2N UPS' (N+100%)
2N Diesel generators (N+100%)
2N Room PDUs (N+100%)

TIER-4 redundancy classification
Generator propellant: Diesel available on site for 72 hours continuous power


Constant temperature: 23°C (+/- 4°C). Higher or lower inlet termperature optional
Racks: Cold Corridor System
Average power: 5-10 KW per rack
High-density options: Yes
Redundancy: N+1
Cooling energie efficiency (EUE): 1.04


Security Staff: 24x7