Datacenter locations Amsterdam

Switch Datacenters has a focus on the design, build and operation of premium network neutral datacenters for mission critical infrastructures where business continuity can be guaranteed at all times


Switch Datacenters AMS1
Amsterdam SouthEast 

Floor area: 8.500m2 (91.493ft2)
Operational: 2011
Power Infrastructure: 2N (N+100%)
Cooling redundancy: N+1
Cooling pPUE: 1.08
Max. IT capacity: 12MW

With a robust power setup and ultra efficient cooling infrastructure the site is known as one of the most energy efficient datacenters in Amsterdam for colocation use since 2011. 

The AMS1 datacenter is acquired by Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX) in April 2019.


Switch Datacenters AMS2
Amsterdam region (Woerden)

Floor area: 5.500m2 (59.202ft2)
Operational: 2014
Power Infrastructure: 2N (N+100%)
Cooling redundancy: N+1
Cooling pPUE: 1.06
Max. IT capacity: 6MW

For many years this datacenter was in use by a Dutch bank because of its strategical location in the Amsterdam region.

The site was acquired by Switch Datacenters in 2014 as part of a sale and leaseback agreement and has been retrofit with an unique and efficient indirect adiabatic cooling infrastructure. With an ultra low cooling pPUE the AMS2 site is one of the most energie efficient datacenters available.

Furthermore the datacenter is designed to meet the most Tier4 design principles as well as the highest possible security and safety requirements.

The majority of the datacenter is leased to IBM.

Switch Datacenters AMS3
Amsterdam SouthEast 

Floor area: 10.200m2 (109.791ft2)
Operational: 2017
Power infrastructure: 2N (N+50%)
Cooling redundancy: N+1
Cooling pPUE: 1.08
Max. IT capacity: 10MW

This private label datacenter in Amsterdam has been purposely built and designed for a single tenant who delivers hosting and colocation services.

By teaming up with Switch Datacenters this tenant was able to tremendously speed up its presence in the Amsterdam market without the hassle of finding the right location, reserving the power, permitting, building and running the facility.

AMS3 is designed, build and (partially) operated by Switch Datacenters. The design is based on our patented hyperscale modular building design.

The tenant of AMS3 is running its own branding, security and operations onsite.