Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Switch Datacenters believes its important to responsibly deal with the climate and its energy use.

As a datacenter its essential to meet the current standards. Besides the lower load on the environment, this also creates economic benefits in the longer term.

Switch Datacenters has taken a leading role in CSR through designing its datacenter so that it directly meets the future requirements for power consumption in datacenters. The city of Amsterdam established the rule that a datacenter Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) ratio of 1.3 should be achieved, while most existing data centers are not under the 1.9 PUE.

Climate Neutral Group

Achieving the required efficiency and conduct a "climate neutral" label is made possible by choosing the right suppliers and applying unique technologies in the field of cooling and power.

Switch Datacenters has an average PUE ratio of 1.1 in its Amsterdam datacenters and all purchased energy comes from sustainable energy sources. This results in that Switch Datacenters is one of the most energy efficient and sustainable datacenter providers in Europe.

The Climate Neutral Group program allows Switch Datacenters customers to display their commitment to corporate environmental sustainability.

The company corporate car fleet consists of hybrid and fully electrical cars only.  

Switch Datacenters has been nominated several times for Most Socially Responsible ICT company of the year. 

Please contact us for more information on Switch Datacenters and CSR.